True Blood Pumpkin Carving Stencils

Filed Under (General Talk) by Dave on 19-10-2010

I know this is way off topic from the typical Physician Assistant stuff, but as I am a HUGE Trueblood fan, I thought it was only right to pass this on to other fans as well.

Below you will find stencils that you can use to create a Trueblood halloween pumpkin.

I’m going to try them out ASAP so i’ll let you know how well they work.

And on a side note, i’m typing up post as we speak to update my PA experiences!


You can find the stencils after the break…in other words click the “read the rest” link below.

Unlike the instructions on the pictures, I think it would be best to just carve out the dark areas.  Tell me what you find.

Lafayette Reynolds

Bill Compton

Sookie Stackhouse

True Blood poster

Merlotte’s and Fangtasia

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