Epocrates for Iphone or Ipod Touch

Filed Under (General Talk) by Dave on 17-12-2009

I have had a few fellow classmates and e-mails from visitors asking what programs I recommend for the Iphone or Ipod touch for PAs or medical students.

I think the one program I can say I have used the most is Epocrates.  I have only used the Free version, but it has been great for me.

Being able to pull up drugs quickly and find all the information I need about them is great.  There have even been a time or two when a doctor didn’t know something about a drug so he/she asked me to look it up on my Iphone while we were in the room with a patient.

From what I can tell some doctors are embracing the idea of Iphones and the such and think they are a great addition when treating patients.

Anyway, Epocrates is a must have for all PA and medical students on rotations.

I have not used the paid version such as Epocrates Essentials, but I hear that it is well worth the money.

I have a 50% CODE for Epocrates Essentials that you can find at the end of the post.  As far as I know it still works, if not I can try and get another one for you guys.

Look for more post on programs that I use and find helpful during my rotations!

Epocrates Essentials 50% code: ACEP94404STU