How much does a physician assistant make?

Filed Under (General Talk) by Dave on 07-03-2008

I have been keeping track of recent searches that people conduct on google and I have found many are looking for to find how much money or what the salary of a physician assistant is.  I did this search myself on google and tons of results came up.  I started to go through many of the sites when I started to notice something….none of the sites provide anywhere near the same information.  From this, I can see how many people would be very confused when searching for how much a physician assistant makes when there are so many different answers out there.  So to help clear things up, I have compiled the best of all the sites in an easy to understand way and will provide it for you.  I will try and provide data that will give you a good idea of the range that a physician assistant can make.

So lets start with data that was collected in 2007 by The American Academy of Physician Assistants.  According to the AAPA, “The median total annual income from primary employer for respondents who work at least 32 hours per week for their primary employer and who are not self-employed is $82,223; the mean is $86,214. The comparable figures for respondents who graduated in 2006 are $71,825 and $73,013, respectively.”  For more details on how they came up with this data visit the AAPA’s site.

Now that I have thrown some exact figures at you, I would like to now summarize all the other figures you will find on the web.  Something to know is that I will be giving the low end of all estimates.  So if the average pay for a third year physician assistant is $90,000 – $110,000…I will report the average as $90,000.  I think it is more important to know the low end and to be thoughtful of the fact that the number can always go up. 

It seems that the average starting pay for a physician assistant fresh out of PA school is in the neighborhood of $72,000.

After the first year of employment, the pay goes up as should be expected.  It seems the average pay for non first year physician assistant, or physician assistants that have been practicing for a few years is $90,000.

Now, for the stuff everyone wants to really now, but may be afraid to actually ask?  What is the most that a PA can make?  Well, I have seen many figures, but it seems that some physician assistants are or have the potential to make $150,000.

So, for those of you who like to have it in terms of hours….
the figures I have gathered say the general idea of pay per hour is anywhere from $35 to $75. So doing some simple math…
$35 per hours times 40 hours per week, the hours may be more or less, times 52 weeks in a year equals $72,800. Doing the same thing for $75 per hours gives, $156,000.

It must be kept in mind that pay or salary has many factors. How much experience, hours, geographic location, the type of practice, etc…

So to put it all in words….

Physician Assistants do very well :)