Reproductive medicine conference patient presentation

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So every Thursday I have to pick a patient that I saw in the past week and present the patient in front of the reproductive medicine board.  Board being the 3 or 4 doctors in the department as well as a resident and at least one medical student.

I presented a patient last week, but one of the doctors seemed to have thought I didn’t provide him with enough or THE information that he wanted. Hence I was “wasting his time.”

Now I have gathered said information that he wants and am to present the patient again today at 1:30.

I even went over the information with another of the doctors this morning who said I needed to still find the dosage for Bi-est.  I repeated that I had already called the local compounding pharmacy and was told twice what the dosage was.  He still felt I was missing some information.  At that point I pulled up a google site created by a compounding pharmacy and showed him that the dosage was as I was told.  If the bi-est is 40/60 2mg then its 40% estriol to 60% estradiol. Just that simple.  So he then seemed to agree that I had the information I needed.

I guess we will see what the other doctor who wasn’t pleased with the presentation last week thinks today.

And since the online pharmacy site was such a help, at least at this point I hope, I want to post a link for others.  So here it is…

OB/GYN Grandrounds

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I’ll be attending my first OB/GYN grandrounds in close to an hour.

I’ll update later as to how it went.


So grandrounds was covered by the NICU.  It was a discussion about preterm birth complications.

Actually they presented a patient who was born at 22 weeks with some complications, but is now doing fine.

The odd thing I noticed while at grandrounds had nothing to do with the discussion.

I felt a little out of place as I was the only PA student there.  Actually everyone else was an M.D.

The odd part comes when everyone looks at my white coat to read who I am.  I guess its because my patch or the patch for PA student’s white coats is different than that for the medical students.

Again, it was just odd to see every M.D. that walked by my seat look down to read my jacket.

Website downtime!

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So this past year has been an adventure with the site.

First the site was hacked several times.

Next the server went haywire as things had been changed and damaged by the hacker.

Then recently, the server went down and seems to have grown a mind of its own.

And so the few updates that I have made to the blog are gone..

but I have moved the site to another server and things should be working like magic now!

So hopefully you are here reading the blog with no trouble and I will try and get a few things posted about how rotations are going!