Day 122

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Day 122:

Wednesday November 19, 2008

Today as you can expect we continued with renal in physiology.  Today’s topic was micturition.  What in the world is that???  Its really just a fancy way of saying urination.  See look, if you read my blog you learn something new all the time ;)

In pharmacology today we had a standard lecture and then he actually did a quick run through of what was going to be on the test.  It helps when they give you an idea of what to study.  Now I just hope I can answer it all right on the test.

Like Monday, the rest of the day was spent on EKGs.  The first lecture from 10-12 was on rhythms originating from the Atrioventricular junction or AV junction.  The second lecture was on rhythms coming from the atria.  It seems like we are pretty much following our textbook for everything.  We pretty much do the examples in the book and the test questions at the end of each section in the book.  Hopefully the book will be easy to read once I sit down with it.

Day 121

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Day 121:

Tuesday November 18, 2008

Another Tuesday…another short day.  Man how I love Tuesdays!  To in Biostat we covered Multivariable analysis.  Basically the same stuff that we have been covering for a while just a little more detailed.  So I guess still new material, but at least there is not test over this material :)

Being a short day I must force myself to study for the pharmacology test this Thursday.  I guess the hard part is forcing oneself to study!

Day 120

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Day 120:

Monday November 17, 2008

We continued in physiology today with more renal stuff.  Today’s specific topic was glomerular filtration and tubular re-absorption.  Nothing too too complicated, but if you don’t have all your ions straight you might have trouble.

Next was pharmacology.  I just got word today that the pharm final is cumulative.  That kind of worries me a bit since it will be a lot of information to go over and make sure I know.  I guess this all stems from the fact that thanksgiving break is next week and finals will be right after that!!

After pharmacology we had our 3rd test in physical assessment.  The test wasn’t all that bad.  To my shock, I saw that some of the students had questions with answers that they were going over before the test.  These are old questions and answers that the class before us passed down for us to study by.  Come to find out many of the same questions were asked again, or many questions were very close.  I guess from here on out I will have to check the CD that was given to us by our “big brothers/sisters” and see if the questions appear on our test.

After lunch the doctor that works in our department continued with his lectures on EKGs.  The first lecture focused on calculating rate and how to interpret a rhythm strip.  The second lecture was on Rhythms originating in the sinus node.  Neither of these lectures was too complicated but seems very important stuff to know in order to move on and understand EKGs.

Day 119

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Day 119:

Friday November 14, 2008

Another bright and early start with physiology and new topic…Kidney structure and function.  I think I will actually like this topic because it applies to all patients.  You have to know how the kidneys are working so you know which drugs to give when and so forth.

Next was pharmacology.  I hear that the third semester of pharmacology is nothing but case studies, so that should be fun.  I guess you just have to make it through learning all the drugs and interactions before you actually get to thinking about using them.

After pharm we had another review session in physical examination for the test on Monday.  For the most part we just go over old quizzes that we had to complete online and the teacher gives us a breakdown of where most of the material is going to come from.  I guess my weekend will be spent looking over the Bates book and learning even more about the physical.

Not only did we get a new topic in physiology this morning, but we are also moving on to a new topic in clinical medicine.  The new topic is EKG.  I must admit, I really don’t know anything about reading or understanding EKGs so this should be interesting.

Our first lecture just covered coronary anatomy, physiology and electrophysiology, lead placement and technical aspects.  Anatomy is not trouble, but getting by you put a lead in a certain place is a little more difficult, but not too bad.

We changed things up a bit and had a physical assessment lecture again in the late afternoon.  This lecture was actually quite fun as we had a practicing PA come teach it.  The subject was “examination of male genitalia.”  He actually threw in a few jokes and made the subject fun to learn.

Weekend time!!!

Day 118

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Day 118:

Thursday November 13, 2008

The day started off pretty easy.  We spent a while in small groups actually going over all parts of the physical today.

For the most part all we really did was turn in our Biostat test and get a small lecture into new material in Biostat.  Will there be a 3rd test???  NO.  So I guess the material from here on out in Biostat is just for learning!  At least it is nice to know that one class is basically over for the semester.

The second half of the day was spent taking the infectious disease section test.  I really thought the test wasn’t that bad.  As with every test I have taken so far in the PA department.  I need to make myself slow down and really read each question.  There have been a few times, and on this test as well, that I read too fast and miss the important “EXPECT” in the question.  Oh well….at least tomorrow is Friday!!

Day 117

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Day 117:

Wednesday November 12, 2008

I actually got up very early today…around 5am or so to get in a few last minute things for todays physiology test at 8am.  I’m not sure how I did.  I think this was probably one of the hardest physiology test that we have had, but I think I got a majority right.  I guess I will just have to wait and see.

Next was pharmacology.  Good ole’ pharm.  I guess i’ll leave it at that.

The rest of the day was filled with infectious disease lectures.  First was a lecture by an M.D. on Tuberculosis.  I actually made sure I paid attention for this lecture since I know that this is something that I will probably see a few times while in practice.

Next was a lecture on what is probably one of the biggest topics and one of the most important topics to be aware of for both patients and medical professionals….HIV and AIDS.  These topics really aren’t that complicated to begin with, but all of the information can pile up very quickly.  You have to remember, things affect patients with AIDS and HIV differently than they do a healthy patient.  I think everyone should make it a point to learn a little something about AIDS and HIV even if you are an accountant ;)

The last lecture of the day was on catheter infections and influenza.  I have to say, the catheter part of the lecture actually got a little complicated.  Basically you have to be carefully when putting in and taking out an catheter because you can cause an infection.

Now to make sure my Biostat test is ready to hand in tomorrow and study for the infectious disease section test that is tomorrow.

Day 116

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Day 116:

Tuesday November 11, 2008

Another short , Biostat only, day.  Actually we continued with our last lecture, but I think everyone is more focused on getting this take home test done by Thursday.  So far I have done most of it and it shouldn’t be that hard to finish it by today.  Luckily this test seems to have many questions that are very close to examples we were given in class.  There are only a few things that I will to google for.

Day 115

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Day 115:

Monday November 10, 2008

I think one of the hardest parts of the week other than Thursday test days is waking up at getting to an 8am class on Monday morning.  And to sit through a lecture on acid/base balance as it relates to the respiratory system.  I don’t think I have ever talked about the dread “morning train” before, but today should be a good day.  When coming to campus you basically have no choice but to cross over a railroad track.  Almost every morning around 7:30 or so a long long train must travel through downtown Augusta blocking traffic from getting to MCG and the Augusta Medical complex.  You would think “hey the train is going to fly by and traffic will get moving soon.”  But that never happens.  In most cases the train creeps by and often times stops for no apparent reason.  Leaving you sitting there in traffic wondering how late you are going to be for class or I guess for work.  I have to wonder the train people do this for fun…I mean couldn’t you schedule the train to come through at a time when you know there aren’t hundreds of people trying to get to the hospital???

Ok..moving on…

After physiology lecture we had another hour long lecture in pharmacology.  Still no word on the last test, I mean I know what I got, but just don’t know how much of a curve we will get.

Next was physical assessment.  We have a test in this class next Monday so it seems we are going to have a test review on Friday.  On Friday we will also be having some of the students go in-front of the class and showing how to properly do different aspects of the physical.

After lunch we had two lectures in infectious disease.  I think the first topic was very important for today’s world…MRSA.  I mean you can’t escape the fact that MRSA has become an everyday news topic and is something that every health-care provider must be very aware about.

The last lecture of the day from 3-4pm was on parasitic infections.  I love this topic.  I always enjoyed reading about it while at UGA and love seeing the pictures of all the little worms and such that people can get.  Try it…just google for parasitic worms and see what you get.

Day 114

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Day 114:

Friday November 7, 2008

Another early start to sit through a physiology lecture.  There still seems to be quite a few people not coming to this class.  I guess first off the topic for today, ventilation, was not of interest to very one, plus the class is at 8am, so I guess it is early.  I don’t seem to have any problems getting here at 8am.  Actually thinking back to my days at the University of Georgia, I nevered missed a class.  And in fact I tried to take all the early classes so I could have the whole afternoon off.  I guess i’m just odd like that ;)

Next was pharmacology.  No word on how the test went yesterday.  I wish there was a fast turn around on the test grades, but it takes time to have the test graded and see how much of a curve to give.

The rest of the day was filled with guest lecturers for infectious disease.  And all of the topics turned out to be very interesting.  The first topic was global medicine.  Dr. Kuhn gave the lecture…it was basically him taking about this work as a doctor abroad and all the cool cases he has come across.  He is actually the person who came up with the idea of handing out fly nets with a repellent already coating them.  I might have to look into working/doing a mission trip if they are as cool as he described.

The next topic was influenza and organisms of bio-terrorism.  At this day in age it is always interesting to know about influenza since very patient seems to be worried about getting it and when to get the vaccine/flu shot.  And who wouldn’t want to learn about how medicine applies to bio-terrorism??

The last lecture of the day was one that I have been waiting for….STDs.  It is always fun, well at least for me, to see some of the pictures of what the STDs can do.  Even more interesting to to learn how patients will react to knowing they have the STD and what you as the provider need to do.

Still counting the days until Thanksgiving, but am going to enjoy the weekend as much as I can!

Day 113

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Day 113:

Thursday November 6, 2008

It was like a dream come true to not have Biostat today and be able to wake up early and study hard for today’s pharmacology test.  Looking back I think this is test number 5 or so.  Wow, the test are stacking up very quickly.  I think the extra study time really help as the test didn’t seem to be as hard as they usually are.  I just have to wonder what the pharmacology test will be like in the semesters to come.