Day 107

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Day 107:

Wednesday October 29, 2008

Today in phsiology we began what is one of the hardest subjects of the year.  Well, they tell us that many of the PA students don’t do well on the test for this section of physiology.  And that section is….pulmonary physiology.  The professor that will be teaching this section is a Respiratory Therapist; so he should really know his pulmonary stuff.  I guess we will find out who hard this is going to be.

It seems one thing or class that is going to rule the class years of PA school is Pharmacology.  Another lecture again today…and I guess it makes since.  This is a very important part of medicine and helping/treating patients.

The rest of the day was busy busy busy.  We started with a lecture on smoking cessesation.  Like I said before…DON’T SMOKE.  Then we had a test review for tomorrow.  Basically just going over all the important topics and ideas.

To wrap up the day we first had a lecture on pulmonary embolism.  This is actually a very interesting subject.  If you hear people falling dead because of a long flight…this is usually why.

The last lecture of the day was Pneumonia.  I think this is one of those subjects that will crop up again and again.

Day 106

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Day 106:

Tuesday October 28, 2008

AHHHHHHHH….a short short day.

All we had today was Biostat in which we covered Bivariate Analysis.

I’m counting the days until Thanksgiving break.  We really need a few days off, just to rest.

Day 105

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Day 105:

Monday October 27, 2008

Another Monday!  And the worst part….a test to start off the day.  Actually the test wasn’t that bad.  Pretty much all the major topics of GI and immuno physiology were on the test.  I have actually come to like the speed at which the teacher of this class, physiology, gets the test graded.  Usually within a few hours!!  Which is much much faster than the PA department does.  Remember, this class isn’t part of the PA department.

Pharmacology was next….what more can I say.  I don’t think I  have mentioned it, but we are not allowed to have our computers open during this class.  Which is great!…in a way.  My computer and I are attached at the hip, so its nice to have some time without using it.   This policy also forces all those facebook users to spend time away from facebook ;)

After lunch we had a lecture on pulmonary function testing and then a lecture on Tuberculosis.  It seems Tuberculosis is something that all medical providers should be aware of.  I’m also sure there will be a question or two on the Boards about it.

Now just to get ready for the pulmonary test on Thursday.  Must force myself to study…..

PA salaries by specialty

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One of the most visited pages on this site is the one I compiled some time ago about how much Physician Assistants really got paid.  If you are interested in reading that story follow this link…  HOW MUCH PAs MAKE

To take it a step further; my friends over at  have compiled and analyzed PA specialty salaries for 2008-2009.  In other words they have looked at how much a PA working in Dermatology makes, how much a PA in Cardiology makes…and so on…

According to the article at advaceweb (

“In its 2008 census report, the American Academy of Physician Assistants reported mean total income (MTI) from primary employer for clinically practicing PAs working at least 32 hours per week. ADVANCE compiled this chart using data from AAPA’s individual specialty reports.

Specialty MTI
Cardiovascular/Cardiothoracic surgery $110,468
Dermatology $104,474
Emergency medicine $99,635
Neurosurgery $98,024
To see the rest of the chart please click HERE

I would like to thank Stephen Cornell for writing the great article on advanceweb.  Please visit their site HERE and read all the great articles.

Version 2.0

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Welcome to version 2.0

As you may can tell the layout has changed a lot. I hope you all enjoy it. Please comment with your likes or dislikes. Also, you may can tell that I am way behind on posting…so look for that to be caught up in the coming weeks. There is so much to share, its just finding the time to share that is hard!