Day 104

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Day 104:

Friday October 24, 2008

Started off with a lecture on regulation of gastrointestinal function.  This seems like it could get a little complicated was there are many ions and chemicals that have to work properly at the same time for digestion to occur in the manner it is supposed to.

Next was pharmacology and no word on yesterdays test.  I wish we could just get a rough idea of what it seems like everyone got and how the class did as a whole so I could see where I stand in the pack.  I guess I will have to wait and just focus on the material for the next test.

Physical assesment lecture was next and it was something that is somewhat interesting.  We were lectured on and have demonstrations on the female genital and breast exams.  I guess it is something we are going to have to all get good at as we all have to do an OB/GYN rotation next year.

The rest of the day was again devoted to pulmonay lectures just like Wednesday.  First we had a lecture on lung cancer.  This is really important because it seems we will see many patients that suffer from it in some form.  Remember all of you out there in web-world…SMOKING IS BAD! :)

To finish off the day we had another lecture on pulmonary drugs.  Actually this was just a continuation of the lecture that we started on Wednesday.  There are just tons of inhalers and other things to cover as far as the drug side of things goes.

Ahhh…weekend time!

Day 103

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Day 103:

Thursday October 23, 2008

As with every Thursday I had small group this morning.  I think I really need to force myself to sit down and learn all of the complete physical up to this point.  I think the whole thing is just kinda flying by at this point.

We started off the day’s lectures and test day, with Biostat.  It is odd how the teacher can easily know that we have a test later in the day.  I think he pretty much to looks out at the class and sees that half the group is reading something other than Biostat and knows.  Usually he says something and today was no different.  I think he really wants people to ask lots of questions.  I guess it is just hard for us to ask questions when we have other big test to worry about.

The big test of the day was pharmacology.  This was test #4.  As with all pharmacology test we do self grading afterwards.  And i’m a little sad.  I didn’t do very well.  Actually it seems that a lot of people didn’t do very well.  There seemed to be a lot of material on the test that we never really touched on or that was very detailed.  I guess I will have to see how much of a curve we get.

Day 102

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Day 102:

Wednesday October 22, 2008

We have actually finished our overview of the immune system in physiology and have now moved on to the digestive system.  Today we covered the concepts of digestion and absorption of nutrients.  I was suprised at how interested I actually was by this material.

Next was pharmacology.  I find it interesting how we have a test tomorrow in pharmacology, and we are like three lectures ahead of what will actually be on the test.  It seems like no matter what I just get behind in this class, but we will have to see how things to for the test.

We really hit pulmonary hard today and had three lectures on it.  First was a lecture on the pulmonary pathology.  That is pretty much selfexplanatory.

Next the MD in our department gave a lecture on COPD.  He actually seemed to be really into the subject.  I think he said something about having lost a loved one to the it so that it was something that really interested him and he had learned much about.

The last lecture of the day was on the drugs to treat asthma and pulmonary problems.  Our pharmacology teacher came back to do this lecture for us.  Now I have to wonder if this material will appear on two test: a pharmacology test and the pulmonary test!??!!

Day 101

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Day 101:

Tuesday October 21, 2008

Ahhhh…another short short day.

Biostat continued today with a lecture on multivariable analysis.  Do what???  Is that what you are saying??  Well me too.  But i’m sure it will all come together once I actually read the book ;)

Sorry that I don’t have anymore to post…but that is all that happened today!

Day 100

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Day 100:

Monday October 20, 2008

I think we can consider today a victory!  100 days of PA school and I am still alive.  All and all it hasn’t been that bad..sure, maybe there is quite a bit of stress at times, but it is also fun.  I think I know now why so many PAs have told me they love what they do.

Back to the grind…we started off the day with a lecture in Physiology.    We continued with the topic of immunity and went right into specific immunity.  Like I said before, this really isn’t a bad subject considering how many times I have seen the material before.  I think with all the classes required to get into PA school, most students have seen the material many times before.

As always after a physiology lecture, we had a lecture on pharmacology.  Nothing new here…I do have to wonder how I am going to keep all these drugs straight in my mind in the semesters to come.  I guess getting out in the real world and actually using them will actually help to learn them, but there is still some time before I get to practice out in the real world.

Exam Exam Exam..that was the order of the day for physical assesment.  This was our 2nd exam in this class.  Not bad at all.  If you don’t already have it.. Bates guide to physical examination and history is an awesome book.  Well, maybe not that awesome, but it does really help to how you every aspect of the physical exam.

After lunch we had a PA come and lecture us on Airways.  Actually she is a resident PA here at MCG in the ER.  After the lecture we were split into groups and had an airway lab.  We actually practiced putting breathing tubes and intubating on the dummies.  At first it is odd to be able to “hold this with this hand” and “do it in so many seconds or stop”…but you get the hang of it.  Now I feel like I could be a stand in for an ER episode or something and intubate a patient.

Day 99

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Day 99:

Friday October 17, 2008

Only one more day of classes and we will be at 100 days!  I really can’t believe it has been this long.  The classes are flying by and it seems like so much information is being learned.  Hopefully a lot of it will stick :)

We started the day with a lecture on non specific immune response and inflammation.  Inflammation is actually a pretty interesting thing to know about.  We all know about it to some extent, even if you are non medical related.  But it is more interesting to learn all the steps that must occur in the proper order for the bodies inflammatory defense to kick in and work.

Again we continued on with our pharmacology lectures…but as before…i’ll spare you the details.

Next was a lecture on the abdomen and how to properly exam it.  The abdomen is actually a little different than other areas of the body as far as physical exam go.  Usually you palpate then percuss then auscultate.  But the abdomen is actually auscultate then percuss then palpate.  This order is to make sure that you don’t palpate on someone’s organs and cause them to make noises that you will later hear and think is something important.  In other words, if you auscultate first you can be sure what you are hearing is something that was actually produced by the abdomen.

After lunch we jumped right into pulmonology.  This is actually supposed to be one of the harder topics so we will see how things go.

Thank god for the weekend!

Day 98

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Day 98:

Thursday October 16, 2008

Another Thursday…it seems more and more like Thursdays busy days since I have small group in the morning, Biostat and then a TEST!

Small group went as always…we usually meet for half an hour or so and talk about anything we don’t understand about the physical exam or the part that we are currently learning.

Next we continued on or talk about Biostat from Tuesday.  I actually think I can remember a lot of this stuff from my old Biostat class, but I guess we will see when the next test comes around.

After lunch was Test time.  100 and some odd questions on ENT.  Actually for this class we had a small book, say 100 or so pages or big text, that talked about different ENT problems and things a medical practitioner will see.  Basically most of our test come from this small text.  There was a little catch to this test though….it was our first test that was almost completely case based.  A lot of the questions were about a paragraph long and gave details of a patient.  From the details and problems listed we would have to pick the probable cause or the correct treatment.  I guess this is really good since the boards will be exactly like this.

MCG PA 2010 White Coat Video

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So I was unaware that this video had been posted onto youtube…but it seems someone did it quite a while ago.  Back when we had our White Coat ceremony, some of my classmates did a skit that was supposed to be funny…making fun of the teachers and some of the TAs we had had during our Anatomy class.  It really won’t make much sense if you don’t know what they are making fun of, but I thought it was worth posting some others could see.  So check it out.

Day 97

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Day 97:

Wednesday October 15, 2008

Well I got the Physiology test grade back, and all went well :) Today we started something that is not my favorite topic, but I have studied it so much I should have no trouble with it….blood cells and clotting and the immune system.

This we followed by another pharmacology lecture.  One of the important things that I think i’m learning about pharmacology is that you don’t have to remember everything.  Its more important to know the main ideas and all the ideas that patients will have a questions about.  Thank goodness for PDAs and smartphones and all the drug programs they have!!

Day 96

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Day 96:

Tuesday October 14, 2008

As every Tuesday is, I actually go to sleep a little late before heading in to Biostat. Today’s topic was statistical inference and hypothesis testing. To be honest i’m just looking forward the next test in this class…since we only have two test I guess I am considering the class over once the second test is done, even though we have a few extra lectures even after the test.

After Biostat we started out with a lecture on deep neck infections. I don’t really think there is too too much to talk about there. You can figure that one out. We then talked about Geriatric ENT problems. As with almost every topic in medicine, there are special things to learn for both Geriatric and Pediatric patients.

To end off the day we had a small review for the ENT test on Thursday. That means we don’t have anything tomorrow afternoon…so that gives me more time to study!