Day 94

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Day 94:

Friday October 10, 2008

Another early start to the day with a lecture by Dr. Martin on the heart.  Today’s focus was on microcirculation and the venous return.  This material seems to be interesting to me.  At least I think so, my opinion may change come test time.  I think I might like to be a PA in the cardiology field, but I guess I will really know once we have done our full cardiology class.

Next was another lecture in pharmacology.  I think I am going to keep it simple for now and just give you guys the general fact that we have pharmacology.  I’m getting a little mad at this class.  Its hard to study and keep up with everything, but it has to be done.

Next we learned about vascular system and how it is examined during the physical examination.  In other words, how to find the brachial artery, the radial artery, the ulnar artery, the femoral artery…etc.  I have to say actually finding some of the arteries can be tricky.  Even more, it is really hard to actually feel anything in some of them even if you have a great idea of where it should be.  At the end of the class we actually spent some time feeling on one another trying to find the different pulses and arteries.

After lunch we followed up with 3 lectures in ENT.  It turned out to be a long day, but we still got out at 4 or so.  The first lecture was on hoarseness and and different case studies involving ENT.  Next our pharmacology professor gave us a lecture on ENT drugs.  It was actually cool to learn about all the different inhalers and such that they have commercials for on TV.  We closed the day with a lecture on sinusitis.

Man…I love Fridays and the weekend!