Day 93

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Day 93:

Thursday October 9, 2008

Another 8am small group this morning.  I’m starting to think that Thursdays are going to be the days that I hate for the rest of the semester.  I have to at school for small groups, or practice of physical assessment at 8am, then Biostat lecture from 10-11 am and then sit around until a clin-med or pharmacology test.  And this is the same routine for every Thursday.  Test test test.

Biostat was on interference and hypothesis testing today.  Its odd that most of this stuff is actually moving back to me from a stat class that I took some time ago.  The only difference is I was taught to use nothing but a calculator before and now he wants us to hand work everything.

After lunch was the test thing for the day…our pharmacology test.  All in all it wasn’t bad at all.  I think there were a few questions we will get points for because they were just bad questions.  At least I hope we will get points back…i’m sure we will.

Ah…I can somewhat relax for the rest of the day.

Day 92

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Day 92:

Wednesday October 8, 2008

Our lectures on the physiology are coming to an end soon.  Sad because I really like having Dr. Martin as a lecturer.  I think he really knows his material and trys to make things fun.  That being said, we talked about hemodynamics of the heart.  I think the topic pretty much says it all.  We talked about the movement of blood to and from the heart.  Its actually a little more involved than what you might first think.

Next was our final lecture in pharmacology until the next test…tomorrow.  We are actually lecturing ahead of what the test will cover…but I guess we have to keep moving to get everything in.  Tomorrow the test will mostlly focus on hypertension and diuretics.  Hopefully I can get it all down tonight.

The rest of the day was ENT.  Before lunch we continued our general overview lecture on the subject.  I kinda get the idea that most of our test will come from this general presentation on the general concepts or important things to know.

After lunch we had a talk on thyroid and parathyroid microsurgery.  A resident gave a lecture, because the doctor who was supposed give the lecture was out of town.  She was actually a good lecturer.  It was really cool to see how big some thyriod glands are and how small a hole they are pulled through when being moved.  The general idea of this is to make an cut as small as possible as not to leave a big scar.  That being said, it looked like a football being pulled from a tiny hole

Next as a fast lecture on tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy and was followed by a lecture by a dentist.  A dentist.  Yeah, I was a little shocked by that one, until I realized we were talking about common oral lesion and I thought who better to teach it than the people who see them everyday.

Study time.

Day 91

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Day 91:

Tuesday October 7, 2008

Ah nothing like short days…especially since I get to sleep a little late and get out early.  To in Biostat we got our test back.  I’m happy…a good grade.  We spent the rest of the class going over every problem of the test.  I think there were a few questions that could have had a few right answers, in fact a few of them did, but on some of them the teacher didn’t seem to think that multiple answers could be correct.  I have to wonder where we expected us to find some of the answers.  I say this even though I got most of them right because I think I guessed on a few and got them right ;)

Day 90

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Day 90:

Monday October 6, 2008

Our talk of the heart continues!  Today Dr. Martin continued on with a talk on “the control of cardiac function.”  Again, nothing too too complicated more of how the heart works as a whole.  How the different cells of the heart work and how the heart can generate its own beat.  If you are interested in that you should google it.  There are tons of things to learn about the hearts pacemakers cells and how they control when and how the heart beats.

Next was another lecture in pharmacology.  Its hard to believe that we have another test in this class on Thursday.  It seems like we just had a test the other day, but when I look at it we have covered tons of material since the last test.  All I can say is wow, the material is coming in very fast.

Next we continued our lecture on the heart in physical assessment by the PA from the VA hostpial.  He is actually a very good lecturer and gave us a very good overview of the different sounds we will hear when listening to the heart and examining the heart.

After lunch it was time to move forward with another lecture in ENT.  We started with a doctor telling us all about head, neck and oral cancer.  Some of the  pictures of the cancers are just amazing.  Its also interesting to see how and why neck and head cancer occur.  I was quite surprised by the wide variety of causes.

The last part of the day was another lecture on the basics of ENT.  We talked mostly over major aspects and tended to cover some of the major things that we will see out in the real world.  We also did a little review of the exam that has to be performed to do an exam of the neck and head.  Actually this was stuff we should already know, so it was more of a “do you know this stuff….because you should.”

Day 89

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Day 89:

Friday October 3, 2008

Ah what a relief that the dermatology test is in the past :)   Actually we still had a dermatology lab to do today, but i’ll get to that later.

We started with day bright and early with another lecture on the heart in physiology.  Dr. Martin gave a pretty good lecture on the ins and outs of the cardiac cycle.  I have the feeling that the next test for this class may involve a lot of reading, but then again maybe not.

Normally we would have pharmacology, but the professor is out of town so we had a lecture on the basics of otolaryngology, which is our next topic in clinical medicine now that dermatology is over.  Actually this subject doesn’t seem to be that hard and most of the concepts are things that are not new or are things that most people have experienced at some point.

The third lecture of the day was in physical assessment and covered the heart and neck vessels.  Actually much of the lecture is focused on the heart and how to listen to it.  A PA-C from the VA hostpical is teaching us this subject.  Actually he is a great teacher and can keep the class pretty interested in what he is trying to teach.  This isn’t  his only lecture, he will also be lecturing to us next week as well.

After lunch we got to close the deal with dermatology by doing a dermatology lab.  After a short lecture on how to do a proper dermaologial exam, we broke into groups and examined the skin of a few classmates who had volunteered their bodies.  One of our teachers also brought her infant and we got to see diaper rash and a few other rashes.  I have to say, it was actually fun to use the things we had learned in class…or better yet to see the things we had talked about in class.

Thank god the weekend has arrived!

Day 88

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Day 88:

Thursday October 2, 2008

Started out the day with small group.  It really fun to actually be able to do the physicial and all the things that go along with it.  Its actually more of an art than anything else.  There are speical techniques that have to be used and certain ways to do things.  But there is also individual input.  You have to make the physical exam your own and do things in a way that makes you feel comfortable.

After that it was time for another Biostat exam.  Actually our Biostat take home exam was due before class.  I’m so glad that I actually finished it early yesterday and e-mailed my answer sheet in early yesterday…one less things I had to worry about last night.

After the Biostat class which was cut short, thank you, for us to go and study for our derm test that is at 1pm.

Test time came and boy oh boy did it come.  The whole test was written…which if you keep up with how we do things is not normal or something we have done before.  There were 10 or so multiple choice, but the majority were short answer/essay type questions.  There were also about 7 pictures that were put on the overhead and we had to identify the dermatological problem pictured and describe it in dermatological terms.  All I can say is that my hand is killing me from writing so much…and i’m not too sure about how the grade will come out on this one!!!

Day 87

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Day 87:

Wednesday October 1, 2008

Its hard to actually wake up early after a day off and be ready to learn.  We started the day at 8am with another lecture by Dr. Martin, one of our own PA staff, on electrophysiology of the heart.  I think this is really cool stuff because of how many people suffer from heart problems these days.

After physiology we had another lecture in pharmacology, but I think most of every one’s focus is on dermatology and the dermatology test that we have tomorrow!!!  I’m not sure how everyone feels about this class.  Actually to my surprise and a little bit of a birthday spoiler for me, I got home late last night to find that we had a dermatology quiz to do.  Actually we had to redo a quiz that we had taken in class earlier, but this time we had to have no spelling errors or grammar errors.  If you have read any of the post you know, I don’t do spelling errors and grammar well.  I just type :)  

Before lunch we had another lecture by the derm teacher pretty much trying to tie everything together that we had learned so far, which is a whole derm book at this point plus extra knowledge!

We had an afternoon lecture by Dr. Stowers on the life of a dermatology, a day in the life, type thing.  Just like this blog!  It was interesting to see how PAs interact with patients in a derm practice and to see the surgeries that derm PAs can and do perform.

We closed the day by having a review game in dermatology.  The questions weren’t the easiest either!  Actually we split the room into two teams.  The teacher called on someone from a team and asked that person a question.  No help from the team was allowed.  If you missed the question the other team could steal it away and get the point.  I guess it was kinda like around the world.  Low and behold I got called on again for the second time ;)

Man there is a lot to go over and learn before the test tomorrow!

Day 86

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Day 86:

Tuesday September 30, 2008

Ah another short day.  The only lecture we had today was in Biostat.  Actually I need to work on the take home test that is due Thursday, but its my birthday today…who wants to do work on their birthday???!!!

Actually the take home test is a little more tricky than what I thought.  A lot of the questions don’t have clear answers in the book searching google only gives a vague idea of the answer is.

Anyway, time to celebrate!

Day 85

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Day 85:

Monday September 29, 2008

We started the day with a subject that I hope I will enjoy….cardiology.  Actually this is in physiology so we are covering all the “workings” of the heart, not the surgeries or that stuff.  Actually we have a whole class, or two weeks of clin med, devoted to cardiology.  That comes in November…so im looking forward to that.  Anyway, we actually have one of our own PA faculty teaching the physiology class right now, so that is cool.  I kinda of wonder how the PT and RT students find him, our faculty member, to be as a teacher.

Next was a lecture on more hypertension in pharmacology.  Hey three days of hypertension, it has to be important :)   Actually this isn’t that bad.  I think a lot of the drugs are popular or there are tons of commercials on TV for them.

In physical assessment we were taught by two PA students that are on their teaching and research rotation.  They covered with us how to properly right up a physical exam.  It was actually fun to try and document everything that I saw from pictures that they put up on the projector.  I hadn’t even realized how many new “medical jargon” words I had learned.  Not until I sat down and started writing did I know, wow, I have learned stuff this semester ;)

The ended the day with a lecture on specific dermatological problems and how they would be treated.  What drugs would be used…that type of stuff.  I’m thankful that this week is nowhere as last week.  But I do have tons and tons of dermatology readings to get done before the test on thursday.

Day 84

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Day 84:

Hell week part V: The end of Hell week

Friday(thank god) September 26, 2008

Friday is finally here.  Oh how long it seemed that this week lasted!!!  The beginning of the day was actually that last part of hell week, the test in physiology.  I think I did well, but i’m not sure how many I might have missed.  Unlike our other classes, this isn’t one where we can see the correct answers after we are done.  I will just have to wait until the teacher actually post the grade.

It felt like such a relief to have all three test for the week over with.  We had a lecture in pharmacology after the physiology test.  We continued on with hypertension, but I have to say my brain was really far to tired to take anymore information in.

Actually the rest of the day wasn’t too too bad.  We next had a lecture on the chest and lungs and how to properly conduct examinations of them.  It is quite difficult to really know what I am listening to at this point when listening to the lungs.  Maybe a popping sound…maybe not…I guess practice will help.

Even though I would have liked to get out early, our day lasted until 5pm and was filled with two lectures on dermatology.  First we had the second part of that huge dermatology lecture I was talking about the other day.  The 295 or so slide lecture.  We actually made it through that lecture today… WOW.

After all that and a hell of a week…its time to enjoy the weekend!