Day 64

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Day 64:

Thursday August 28, 2008

Today was my first small group and it was actually quite fun.  We started off by talking about what we want to do this semester in small group and how we want to go about doing so.  My group of 4, myself and 3 girls, are paired up with the one MD that works in the PA department.  This actually gives us a quite interesting opportunity.  My group and I will be going to the hospital on Thursday mornings and actually seeing patients.  Well, we will actually just do the parts of the physical that we have learned so far.  How it will work is…we will arrive Thursday mornings and be given a list of patient names and room numbers by our group leader or the MD.  We will then go to the hospital on our own and see the patients.  If we find anything unusual, we will meet that afternoon and talk about it and if it is really interesting, the MD will go back to the hospital with us and look at is also.

So that is cool…but todays small group was just practicing vital signs and observations.  Basically, taking temperature, height, weight, blood pressure, pulse…..etc.  It was nice to actually have an experienced professional sitting there giving tips and tricks.

After all that hands on work we had another lecture in Biostat.

I can honestly say it has been a long two weeks so far…and its not over yet.  I feel like i’ve been here for 3 months already this semester, but its only been 2 week…wait…not even 2 weeks!  But i’m having fun and learning a lot!!

Scrubs Dr. Cox Clip

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I know a lot of you are a little curious to know more about me.  What I like and do…all that good stuff.  Well I have tried to put some of those things under the “about me” part of the blog.  I know, its still a work in progress…but I share one of my favorite shows with you.  I absolutely love Scrubs.  More so, I actually love the Dr. Cox character.  That being said I would like to share this video with you.  I will actually add a few more videos in the days to come.  Enjoy!

Day 63

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Day 63:

Wednesday August 27, 2008

Somewhat of another long day today.  I have to say, it is nice not having a class at 8am right now…as the professor for physiology had a family emergency and won’t be back until next week.  The only problem is I can’t really get motivated to study the material when we haven’t even stepped foot into the lecture room yet!  Hopefully I can force myself to look over things soon ;)

We started our day with another lecture in Pharmacology.  We actually started hitting some math problems today.  Actually we didn’t do any, but we just say an example or two.  Our homework is to work on 10 or so problems.  From loading doses to elimination rates.  I think the first test for this class might be a little difficult especially considering all the material it will cover.

After lunch we had our continued lecture on lab chemistry.  And then we finished off the day by doing a number of case studies.  I can really see how adding all this lab result information together and having to be able to interpret what is occurring can be very confusing!

Looking forward to tomorrow and my small group.  Nothing like taking vital signs of the others in my group…should be fun :)

Day 62

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Day 62:

Tuesday August 26, 2008

I got to sleep late today.  Thats right, I actually got to sleep late today.  Ok, so I only go to sleep until 8am, but that is late for me!  The reason why I get to sleep so late is because today is my really really really easy day.  I actually only have one class today and that class is Biostat.  After a lecture from 10am-11am I was done! Yay!!  The real reason for me having most of the day off is because today was/is he first day of small groups.  In others words, today was the first day that groups of 4-5 of us got to go out and practice taking vital signs.  For most of the groups this means staying in the PA department and working on each other.  I’m not quite sure what the plan is for my small group as we don’t meet until Thursday morning.

As a side note I have noticed something that is worth commenting on.  We, the PA students of MCG, actually have a somewhat strict dress code.  We are only allowed to wear certain things and scrubs can only be worn on certain days.  In short we basically have to wear business casual clothes everyday. 

As I was walking to the student center today with a fellow classmate I got to see students from the PT, OT, RT, Nursing, and Medical schools.  Most if not all of them had on shorts, t-shirts, flip-flops.  It is just weird seeing how well dressed we have to be and how unkept or relaxed other students are.  I mean, wouldn’t you want to be dressed somewhat nice?  Well, I do hope we get to have down days where we can wear shorts and t-shirts, but i’m told it is a privilege we have to earn as a class.

Ad watch!

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Hey guys.  I have noticed that some of the ads on the site have been displaying weird categories the last few days.  Anything from health insurance to car insurance.  If you see any of these types of ads please leave me a comment and let me know what exactly the ad said so I can fix the problem.

I know some of you have asked me why I added ads to the site in the first place.  Well, there are a few reasons.  First off PA school can be expensive so any little bit helps.  Granted its not a lot of money but every time someone clicks on an ad I get a small portion of the money.  Second, some of the ads are actually quite useful.  Many of the ads are for major Physician Assistant schools and other sites that contain useful information.

So if you see any out of the ordinary ads let me know.  And THANKS!

Day 62

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Day 62:

Monday August 25, 2008

As we aren’t having an official Physiology lecture until Sept. 3, we started the day off with a nice little lecture in Pharmacology.  Like I said before, so far we seem to be hitting the major aspects and nothing too too complicated.  Actually we were supposed to have our first test this Thursday, but it seems we are a little behind schedule.  This being the case the first test has been moved to Sept. 11.  I guess this is good and bad.  Good in that we have more time to prepare and bad in that it will now cover the material that would normally be covered on two different test!

Next we had a lecture in Physicial Assesment.  This was actually a reall cool lecture as we learned how to take all the vital signs.  We also spent a good bit of time going over how to properly take blood presssure.  Here is a little video you can check out.  I can tell you that not everything they do in the video is correct, but it gives you a good idea of what to do.

After a nice lunch we continued on with a lecture on Lab chemistry.  Just really running over the basic so far, but it is a lot and can actually be confusing.  I think it is important to learn all of this information as far as lab values and such because i’m sure it will appear again or will be asked of me during a clinical rotation.

Day 61

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Day 61:

Friday August 22, 2008

Today was actually an odd day as far as going to school is considered.  We actually didn’t have any classes today, yay, but we did have two mandatory functions to go to.  First up was a professional forum.  We actually meet in downtown Augusta at the Imperial Theater. The theater is quite a nice place and I have actually played there before.  My play I mean played my guitar…and it was actually a packed house when I did so.  Well…it was actually more than packed…there were even people standing in the aisles!  Anyway, the forum was basically a talk on how to be professional and how others before us have been professional and some not so professional.  To top it all off we all had to stand and sing the Alma Mater.  Thats right we have an Alma Mater!  I didn’t even have a clue!  And don’t just think it was only PA students at this forum.  It was actually the whole campus.  Medical students, dental, nursing, PT, OT, PA…all the first year students were at this function.  Oh how fun that two hours was!! ;)

Next we had to attend an orientation from the School of Allied Health.  If you don’t know that is the school that the MCG PA program is part of.  In a nutshell, each program that is par to of the school of allied health was introduced by the given department leader and a short description of what each profession does was given.  When they got to your class, lets say for my…PA, we were to give an example of our class spirit.  This was news to us and we really didn’t have anything planned.  I have to give it to the RT and OT departments though…both of these groups came with prepared chants and dances!  Wow is all I can say.  Wow in both that they would spend time practicing something like that and that the OT department seems like it is full of 40 retired cheerleaders ;)

So that was the day…nothing bad at all.  Now time for a relaxing weekend.

Day 60

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Day 60:

Thursday August 21, 2008

The first lecture of the day was on coagulation.  Actually this class, Lab medicine, is starting to become quite a lot of work.  The material just keeps adding up, but I guess it is all really important stuff to know and stuff that will appear later.  After the lecture we did a few case studies to get an idea of how the information applies.  Actually most of the case studies were left for us to do on our own…speaking of I need to do those soon!

Next was our second lecture in Biostat.  The lecture consisted more of information relating to the subject than actual work.  We talked about all the agencies that work in the scope of biostat and how different industries use the information.  To be honest it seemed more like a history lecture than a biostat lecture, but I guess the underlying information is always important.

After lunch we got to the lab that I have been waiting for…venipunture.  Thats right, taking blood.  Now, I have never taken blood before, but I have had it taken many times.  The problem is, it’s never easy for anyone to take my blood.  Finding a vein in the arm…don’t even try on me.  I almost always have to have blood taken from the dorsum of my hand.  Anyway, my partner tried first to strike some of my liquid gold ;) but with no luck.  Actually I let him try twice but no such luck.  Actually we didn’t have needles small enough for him to try my hand.  Then it was my turn to take his blood.  Lucky me, his veins are hard to find also….so after a few tries…I got nothing.  But the experience is what counts!  Now im ready to start taking every-one’s blood!!

Contact Page

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I know some of you have become frustrated by having to scroll throught lots of comments.  So I have solved this problem by adding a “Contact Us” link on the top tool bar.  Please try and only use the contact forum when you have questions that you think are not for the public eye.  Remember, this site is here to people to learn.  So asking questions and leaving comments is still the main function of the site.

If you are interested in advertising on this site or would like to discuss other ventures please contact me via the new contact forum!

Hope everyone is enjoying the site and please enjoy the new contact function!

Day 59

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Day 59:

Wednesday August 20, 2008

Today started off with another Pharmacology lecture.  Today’s point of topic was receptors and the mechanisms by which drugs work.  So far it doesn’t seem like hard material but i’m sure that will change in the coming lectures.

The big part of the day and the part I had been looking forward to for the last few days was doing a rapid strep test and urinalysis.  I have had strep test done to me many many times.  A little side note about strep test and my throat…I have a really high gag reflex.  When I was little I actually started to gag before the doctor even did anything.  I think now that it really was due to the tongue depressor.  Geez I hate those things.  I’ve had my share of throwing up on doctors when I was little and getting a strep test…so I hoped to now do so today to my fellow classmate :)   And lucky for him I didn’t.  Actually he did a fine job.  I really didn’t have any troubles until he hit a sensitive spot on my tonsil and I coughted a little at him ;)   Lukcy for me I went first so I got to swab him next.  All and all it isn’t a very hard test to do and I guess it can be fun too.

Next was the urinalysis.  We had fresh urine from the hospital to use and some sure looked better than others.  There was actually one that had a grape color.  Anyway, I randomly picked a sample and tested it.  Low and behold I got a clean sample.  pH, bilirubin….all were in normal range.

Now time to get ready to take some blood on Thursday!