Day 35

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Day 35:

Monday June 30 2008

After a very restful weekend it was time to get ready for class today.  As most Mondays, today wasn’t a very long or hard day.  We started with an hour lecture on pathology.  Usually we have a 2 hour lecture, but we covered all the material in an hour and were done.  This was good because it gave me a chance to run over to the bookstore and order all of my medical instruments.  I was hoping they would at least have a few things in stock today so that I could actually take something home and play with it, but they didn’t so I have to wait a few weeks for everything to come in.  Now I just have to find a bag for everything to go in.  It may be hard to believe but a “medical bag,” the leather ones with…the ones you think of or see on TV shows…are not the best bags to carry medical equipment around in.  It seems that people will take those types of bags because they know that they will usually have expensive equipment…and you are left buying them all over again.  Its actually best to use a cheap bag…some use diaper bags, camera bags…that kind of stuff.

Anyway, next for today was Anatomy.  We actually had a very lengthy lecture on the male and female pelvic region.  Lucky for me, since I really wasn’t feeling up to lab, today was my groups day off so I got to come home and relax and watch a little TV before reading.

Day 34

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Day 34:

Friday June 27 2008

Today started out with a 45 question test on pathology.  Actually the test wasn’t that bad.  It even seems a few questions are going to be looked over and we might get points back.  Points are always a good thing;)  And this was only part 1 of the test part 2 is to follow soon.

After the test we had Anatomy and lab.  Today we talked about the posterior abdominal wall and all its “goodies.”  Actually the lab wasn’t bad at all.  After moving all the internal viscera to one side, we dissected the posterior wall and found all the nerves and vessels.  And to my surprise the lab didn’t take long either.  This really made me happy, seeing as it is Friday…who wants to stay late on a Friday…know what I mean?!

So this weekend is the first of its kind in a while.  I actually having nothing to do this weekend.  Well, I always have something to study for, but I don’t have the worry about a test or anything when I get back to class on Monday.

Weekend TIME!

Day 33

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Day 33:

Thursday June 26 2008

Today was a quite easy day.  All we had today was a lecture on “review of systems.”  If you don’t know that is part of the patient history.  I’m getting more and more worried about learning all this stuff that has to be learned before giving a proper patient interview, but I guess it will all come together in a few weeks.  It better seeing as we have a videotaped interview at the end of the semester!

So today’s lecture was only for an hour, usually two.  It was nice getting out early though because I need to get home and finish studying for the Pathology or Clin Medicine test tomorrow.  The test is to cover 4 chapters.  Actually this is only part 1 of the test.  We were lucky enough to have the test split into 2 sections.  Its nice to be able to vote on things as a class and have them come true.  Part 2 will be sometime next week, but part 1 is the important part now.

What medical students are really like

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Thanks to one of my fellow PA students, we can all see what medical students will be like in the future.  But I have to wonder if it is closer than what we think?;)  Enjoy!

Day 32

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Day 32:

Wednesday June 25 2008

Today was a sleep late day…yay.  So I didn’t have Anatomy class until 1pm today.  I did make it a point to get up early though and look over the notes before going to class.  Trust me, this can sometimes help when sitting through lecture.  That way you can sit and pay attention to what the professor is saying and only worry about writing down the things you didn’t get when you read it the first time.  We actually had a nice lecture by one of the medical students on viscera.  My lab group didn’t dissect today so I actually got out after only an hour of lecture.  So toady was a very easy day, but its time to study for a test on Friday!

Day 31

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Day 31:

Tuesday June 24 2008

Today was another block of lectures.  We started by having a guest lecturer talk to us about patients clinician relationships and how important it is to be aware of the beliefs of the patients.  I think it is always interesting to see how different patients want or don’t want certain forms of care do to their personal beliefs.  You have to remember as a clinician to respect thier beliefs and not to make your beliefs come into the picture.  Over the guest lecturer was good and an interesting way to kill two hours of the day.

Next was Genetics.  More genetics fun!

And that was followed by a continuation of physiology and our continued talk of the female reproductive system and the steps involved in reproduction and birthing.  All I can say is know your hormones.  Hormones play a huge role in both the male and female reproductive systems.  If you can learn the patterns of the hormones you can figure out the rest very easily.

Day 30

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Day 30:

Monday June 23 2008

Another bright and early Monday morning.  I was at school by 7:20pm to get in any last minute studying for physiology.  The test was 72 multiple choice questions.  Like I have said before, this is the first time we have been tested in most of these classes, so its hard to know what exactly to study.  We had many readings to do for physiology, but not many of them were tested on.  So I guess its all about learning the professors and what they like to test over.

The test itself wasn’t bad.  There were only a few questions that I had a hard time with and of which it seems some students are fighting to say were bad questions and would like points.  Who knows, maybe we will get points added on.

We then sat through a 2 hour lecture on more genetic disorders.  Trust me, they never stop.  I think you could spend a lifetime studying them and learning new things.

And finally we went to Anatomy lecture and lab.  We were lectured on the admonial wall and the pelvic region.  As for the lab it as a new experience for me.  Being a male it just doesn’t feel right cutting into someones scrotum and dissecting them.  But I did it with a help of a few people;)  It’s also very interesting to see what the adominal muscles look like and how they actually work.

Day 29

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Day 29:

Friday June 20 2008

Today was the big day.  ANATOMY TEST!  I woke up at 8am and began reviewing everything for the test at 1pm.  I even tried to find websites about human gross anatomy.  To my surprise there are not many.  On top of that, only 1 or 2 have videos to watch and learn.  There really should be a site out there that has HD quality videos of dissections and have great reviews of the information.  Maybe that willl be a project for the future.

So 1pm rolled around and I got to start the test in the lab by doing the lab practical first.  I was did well, but there were some tags, structures pinned, that I just had no clue.  First of all, they had twisted the arms so it was difficult to see if you where looking anterior or postertior.  And others look like pins had just fallen on the body and where ever they landed was used as a test question.

Having finished the lab practical I was brain dead.  But I still had the 70 question computer test to go.

I found the computer test wasn’t that bad either, but that I was starting to get really tired.  It was almost as if I couldn’t keep my eyes open and it was harder and harder to focus.  I’m certain that I like taking the computer test first and then taking the practical.

Now that that is over, its time to relax and get ready to spend the weekend studying for a physiology test on Monday.

Day 28

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Day 28:

Thursday June 19, 2008

Today was a rather short day.  We had a two hour lecture on taking social and sexual histories.  Its weird to learn about the proper way one should ask things.  Instead of “what do you typically eat?” one should ask “what did you eat yesterday?”

They may seem like the same question, but they can and will get different responses.  If you ask for a typical day a patient may not be able to really tell you what they eat.  They may just say things that they know are healthy or they may just generalize what they eat if they do eat a variety.

Asking what they ate yesterday gives you a chance to get concrete examples of what they eat.

Other than that type of stuff, all the rest is pretty much common sense.

Wow, another Anatomy test 2 is tomorrow…time to hit the notes and Netter!

Day 27

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Day 27:

Update: As you may or may not have noticed my daily posting is behind.  I have been attempting to type up the daily post and have it posted via an automated system…and so it isn’t working.   So i’ll be rolling out the last few days over the weekend.

So for today, Wednesday June 18, we started off with another lecture on physiology.  Sure we had a lecture on it yesterday, but we are having a test next Monday and have to get in as much material as possible…yay;)  So we are still talking about the reproductive cycle.  But there were a few highlights in today’s class…

The professor asked “so what is the NORMAL amount of menstrual flow?”

Now being a guy, i’m not to sure I could answer that question, but a girl in the class did and she said….

“Normal is a setting on the dryer”

Hmmm…..ok.  Gave us all a good laugh.  Then one of the guys responded with “normal flow is 1 tablespoon.”  That response got all the girls laughing.  As I was thinking it the professor responded “I don’t think they are sticking tablespoons under woman and having them fill it up”

So after all that fun we went to Anatomy and played a Jeopardy review game.  It is usually a fun time and many of the same questions end up being on the test.  After the review we went to the lab and took a practice lab practical.  All I can say is “its study time.”