Hello world!

Filed Under (General Talk) by Dave on 10-12-2007

Welcome to LIFE OF A PA (Physician Assistant).  The purpose of this site is to show you what a day in the life of a Physician Assistant is really like.  I will start by showing you what it is like to be a PA student.  I will be showing and telling you about the emotions, bad times, good times and everything in between that is involved in PA school.  So think of it as a day to day online journal.

After finishing PA school I hope to show you the day to day life of a PA in practice.

Not only that, but I want to answer your questions.  Be it about PA school, being a PA, or questions that you can’t seem to find the answer for anywhere else.

So please, stay tuned for more information to come and the posting of the offical starting date of my live “journal” of PA school.